The Cords Inside the Church

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I went past Grace Cathedral on California Street in San Francisco, and decided to go in and have a look around. I’m not religions in any way, but I still like looking at churches, you can always find some interesting architecture inside, and this one was no different.

And in the center aisle, the one between the seats, there where hanging these were long and thin cords down from the ceiling. I attached my fisheye to the OM-D and put it on the floor, right beneath the cords to make a photo straight up. I didn’t know quiet what to expect, but I was gladly surprised that it turn out this good.

My First Infrared Camera





A few months ago I bought my first Infrared camera, a Nikon Coolpix L620 point and shoot camera, just to see if I found it fun to do.

I find Infrared photography quiet interesting, and would like to do it some more. But I need a better camera, the point and shoot is cool for trying it out, but if you want to get a bit more serious you need and better camera, at least one with manual focus. But more on that in a later post or video.

A Grey Morning at Stevns Klint

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I been down here 4 mornings within a month, that may not sound as much, but considering that I work most days and that it takes a bit over an hour to get here from where I live, I think it’s quiet ok, don’t you?

The reason for getting down here, was that I wanted a good-looking sunrise – non of the mornings rewarded me with that – but the “problem” is that the sun rises over the water to the left, and in order to get an awesome sunrise, there has to be a clean and beautiful sunrise, but there also have to be some clouds over the cliff here, so they can get a nice and purple color from the sun.

This photo is from my second morning, and the worst of them all, I didn’t even see the sun that morning. but I refused to go home empty-handed, which is why I made this long exposure photo, no way near perfect, but the best from that morning.

Vor Frue Kirke, Vordingborg

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This photo is actually made the day after Christmas eve, we had the “hottest” winter as far as I can remember last year, we only got a little bit of snow in January. But I don’t mind not that found of snow anyway.

I was hanging out with my brother when I made this photo, and today it’s his birthday, congrats Bro.

Tyrol Lightning

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I had been out photographing the whole day, and just as I called it quits and returned back to the hotel. It started rumbling in the distance, I wasn’t quite sure on where the thunderstorm was and I soon gave up trying to find a good spot to photograph it, and returned to my hotel.
But as it turned out, the best view of the thunderstorm was from the balcony on the hotel I was staying in, which of course was totally awesome.

First I made a HDR photo, for the foreground of the town and the church tower, the clouds and the mountains. Then I made some long exposures i order to capture the lightning.

In post i started out by making the HDR, like I normally do. This one is made in HDREfex Pro 2 from Nik.
Then I masked in the lighting from two of the long exposures, containing the two best caught lighting strikes.