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My first day at Bryce Canyon last year, was a grey and rainy one, but I went for a walk anyway, didn’t have anything else to do any how. As I was walking around the trails at the bottom of the canyon, I came by this small gravel hill, which I decided to climb up on to see what the view was like from up there, as I approached the top of the hill, the was a clearing in the sky and the sun came shining through, and after a few minutes this rainbow emerged.

My widest lens at the time was a 24mm, but I couldn’t get back far enough - without tumbling down the hill – to capture the entire rainbow, I made quick decision and changed the 24mm lens with the 35mm, and then shoot the rainbow in three parts, that I later would stitch together in Photoshop.

It took a total of 15 images to make this photo, 5 for the HDR’s and 3 for the panorama. It’s all made in Photomatrix and Photoshop.

Shadow Photography

As I wrote in an earlier post, My friend Mads is working on a brand new look for the site, and he is in the last testing phase now, and that might give some down time on the blog.
And some of the links and pages might be missing for a while, but don’t worrie it will all be up and running again very soon.

Ohhh and Happy Birthday Flemming.

I’m only gonna tell you two things about this photo.

  1. It’s from Bryce Canyon.
  2. It’s not My shadow, but some womans.