Follow the Leader

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While My tuk-tuk driver and friend Mab, was getting gas for the tuk-tuk. I quickly ran out to the road, because I noticed that we passed a long line of women on bikes – properly on their way home from work – a bit further up the road, and thought it would make a great photo.

Well what do you think, was it worth it?

What Will it Be?

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Because I was in Cambodia in the dry season, I was able to walk the streets of Kampong Phulk, this street is normally a river and the city is a floating city.
And that is why the houses in the background are placed on these wooden poles.

Indian Bike Riders

Well, as you are reading this, I’m sitting on the plane back from Japan, with a hard disk full of new images to process and bring to you here on the blog, really looking forward to posting them.

Thanks for tagging along.