When I Grow Up

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Made in the floating city Kampong Phulk, Cambodia. Which wasn’t very floating when I was there, because it wasn’t the rainy season.

Real Love Works

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I don’t really know what this place is, I think people are getting married in here, but I don’t think it’s a church.
Do you know?

Wat Suthat, Bangkok

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Today it’s my birthday, and I wanna give you some presents. for you to enjoy on this beautiful day.

First off a behind the action video.

And then a before and after comparison photo.

Woman Crossing Road

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I got up early one morning in Battambang, and spend a few hours at this rather huge road, making photos of the people going to work.

Mirror, Mirror

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I walked into Saranrom Park in Bangkok, and in one spot of the park, there was this training facility, where a couple of guys were working out. I started out by making some photos of the equipment and then when they sort of got use to me being there I started to make some photos of them, which they luckily didn’t mind, course they could properly have knocked me out with a single punch.