Here’s an old photo, it dates back to 1996, from a trip to Venice, Italy, it’s made with my very first SLR camera a Minolta XG-2,  it’s properly gonna be the oldest photo I’ll be post on the blog.
And in addition to that it’s also my very first stitched photo, although at the time the photo was made I didn’t know anything about panoramas – and even less about stitching – but I somehow happen to make two photos right “next” to each other, which made me able to stitch them together into a panorama.

After the stitch I then post process the photo in Lightroom and afterwards in OnOne Perfect Effects, where I among a few other adjustments added the texture.

Can you spot the gondola repair man?

Five from Before I Went Digital

Corn 01


Prague 01

Waiting for the Bus


Five photos from before I got My first digital camera. They are all made with My Nikon F70 – see more photos made with that camera, at My portfolio site, in this gallery.

The first photo is from Denmark, I don’t know – or can’t remember – which year it’s from. post processed in Lightroom 5.2

The next two are from a trip to Prague in The Czech Republic, and they are from April, 2002. they are post processed with the help of Lightroom 5.2 as well, but the last one “Prague 01″ where finished in Analog Efex Pro from Nik.

The last two are from a trip to Bulgaria in 2003, they are from the city Varna. Both where post processed first in Lightroom 5.2 and then in Analog Efex Pro.

Nothing Ever Stays the Same

Bo47_606Been a while since I uploaded an analogue photo. This one is from My trip to Iceland earlier this year.

The right and left side of my brain, is having quiet a struggle with these light leaks. The left side likes what they add to the photo and wants to keep them, the right side wants to tape up the sides of the camera to get rid of them and make the photo nice and clean.
So far the left side is winning, there is no tape on the camera yet.

Here’s a little camera introduction video for you.

US Trip Polaroids

Storm Trooper

On My recent trip to the US, I had My Polaroid SX70 with me.
The plan was to make one photo each day of the trip, I didn’t stick 100% to the plan, some days I made more then one and others I made none, But I think I ended up with an average of one Polaroid photo a day.

Here are a few of My favorites.