The Swans Under the Bridge

As some of you might know, My camera got stolen last year in Barcelona, Spain. The weirdest thing is that after about three months, some guy wrote me an email, saying that he saw My camera on the black market in Casablanca, Morocco – the reason he was able to find me is cause I always write My name and website URL into to the metadata of My cameras, when possible – we wrote a little back and forth, but I kind of got the feeling that maybe he was one of the “bad” guys, trying to sell My camera back to me. When I told him that I had contacted the Danish police about the whereabouts of the camera I never heard from him again.

Here’s a few things I find relevant according to camera theft.

1. If possible, write some info in the metadata, like an email. In that case if some honest person gets hold of your camera, they know how to get in touch with you.
2. Contact the local police. You need the police report for your insurance company, when you get back home.
3. Use the “Stolen Camera Finder” website, who knows you might get lucky. Find the website here

Feel free to add your own theft precautions advise in the comments below.

Waiting for Green

Waiting for Green

On one of My first days in Tokyo, I took a walk around the neighborhood with My 50mm lens and the sole purpose of capturing some interesting looking people.

This old Japanese gentleman was standing at a crossing waiting for the light to go green, I walk up beside him at snapped a quick one, I don’t think he noticed me at all, so I took a few more, and still no response.
That’s the thing about a lot of the Japanese people in Tokyo, they don’t seem to take notice of anything. You could easily get the feeling that they are humanoids, walking the streets with only their destination in mind.

The Jerry Bruckheimer Tree

Well, it’s time for a little celebration, cause this is post no. 300 on the blog – HURRAY!

I called this one “The Jerry Bruckheimer Tree” cause it reminds me off the Bruckheimer logo you see at the start of every movie he’s producing, although the tree in his logo is on the right side of the road, and I’m missing out on the lightning as well, anyway that was the idea behind the title.

Gavnø Classic Autojumble 2010

Gavnø Classic Autojumble 2010

I totally forgot about a classic car show, I attended last year – and this year as well, will publish those later – at Gavnø castle here in Denmark.

It was a beautiful day, to walk around looking at and making photos of some old cars.

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Stuck in Transit

Stuck in Transit

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I was quickly walking to the departure gate in Narita airport, Tokyo, I wasn’t late but there was only a few minutes until they would start boarding, just before reaching My gate I saw these two Japanese women sitting and looking at the planes passing by the window, I made a quick stop and grabbed My iPhone and snapped a few shoots before I continued to the gate and boarded My plane with I really good feeling about My last shot in Japan.

This is the very first Mobil phone shot I ever posted on the blog, The quality isen’t the best, but I really like the photo and desitede to post it anyway.