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Dubai Mall

On the Streets of New York City

Happy birthday Mom

Please Call Me



If a Door is an Opportunity, What’s a Window?

One more from My recently ended trip to Japan, what a magnificent places full of amazing and kind people. I’m certainly coming back Read more …

Bike Messenger

Here’s a photo I made with My little 22mm white plastic camera, It’s SOOC, there is no other post process done then Read more …

Pripyat View

Another shoot from My Chernobyl exhibition in April 2011.

West Thumb Basin Sunrise

On My 6 weeks road trip around the states last year, one of the most spectacular places I saw was Yellowstone. Before I arrived Read more …

Where the River Runs Through It

How big is this place?

Indian Bike Riders

Well, as you are reading this, I’m sitting on the plane back from Japan, with a hard disk full of new images Read more …

A Beer and a Shot

The best way of ending a great day of picture making, is with a cold beer and a shot of tequila and Read more …

Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku

I’m not quite sure about the name of the place, it’s in the Akihabara area in Tokyo, shoot from below the train Read more …

The Cabinet

Another shoot from My Chernobyl exhibition in Aril 2011. See some more photos from Chernobyl by clicking this link.

Akihabara Bus

I was out walking the streets of Tokyo a week or so ago, I took a subway train to Tokyo station, cause Read more …

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

My homage to the late and great Philip K. Dick, thanks for some fantastic stories, I enjoyed reading them. Read more about Read more …

David Thomas @ Lillely Live 07 – 09.10.2010

And a bit more from the set.

The Address Downtown Dubai

Today you get a new shot from my last adventure in the United Arab Emirates, this is a shot of “The Address Read more …

You Can Do It!


My friend Per who lives in London at the moment, where so kind to let me crash on his couch for a Read more …


Here`s another shoot from Japan for you, it`s from the neighbourhood I stayed in, in Tokyo, on one of My many walks I came Read more …

Mustang Sunset